Winona Area Public Schools 4th Grade Orchestra

Winona Area Public School students have the opportunity to sign up for orchestra in 4th grade at all of the WAPS elementary schools. Each September, the orchestra teachers visit each school to talk to all 4th graders about the orchestra instruments. At this visit students receive their orchestra sign-up forms to bring home. They may choose to play violin, viola, cello, or bass.

The first year of orchestra involves a weekly small-group lesson for each student, practice time at home, and a concert in May. In 5th grade, students will perform in two concerts and go on a field trip to an orchestra concert in Minneapolis. Orchestra is offered as a class beginning in 6th grade.

Research shows that students who study an instrument and stick with it gain self-discipline and develop a broad range of thinking skills. Through practicing and performing together, students also gain skills in working with others, as well as a sense of achievement. Since everyone's part in the orchestra is important, making music with a group of peers can be a very motivating way to learn!