Helping Your Child

At-home practice is necessary in order for orchestra students to make progress. You don't have to be a musician in order to support your child in their practice and help them be successful. Be patient with their progress and keep cheering them on!

Here are some little ways you can help out:

*Help them find a time that works well for them to focus on their music for 15-30 minutes every day, if possible. You may reward practice time if that works for your child, but once they begin practicing, students usually realize the's easier and they sound becomes more fun to play!

*Help your child find a place to practice where their instrument is easily accessible and distractions are limited.

*Purchase a music stand. A cheap metal stand (available at Hardt's or Leithold's Music) will hold their music so they can hold their instrument up and practice with good posture.

*Listen to your child practice occassionally. Let them know what you like or if you notice improvement.

*Ask your child to show you something they are working on, or have them try to teach you something.

*If your child has a friend in orchestra encourage them to practice is a fun way to work on their music. Host a mini-recital for the family.