Welcome to Washington-Kosciusko Elementary School!
Washington-Kosciusko Elementary School is located in Winona, MN and includes a population of over three hundred students that reflect the ethnic and socio-economic diversity of the neighborhoods we serve. The historic brick building houses kindergarten through fourth grade, in addition to a pre-school program administered through a partnership with Winona State University. W-K Elementary proudly serves as one of the five elementary schools of Winona Area Public Schools.
Washington-Kosciusko Elementary School has been recognized by the Minnesota Department of Education for the last four consecutive years as a Reward School and was recognized in 2015 by the U.S, Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon Exemplary High Performing School, a recognition of our continued commitment to the academic success of all students with a focused effort on decreasing achievement disparities across all student groups.  
Washington-Kosciusko Elementary is blessed with incredible family support and wonderful community partnerships. Specifically, we benefit from the work of a very dedicated and active Parent-Teacher Association and actively seek to foster the relationships with local universities.
Of course, the most important feature of any school is the students that walk through our doors and Washington-Kosciusko Elementary is so proud of the amazing students that we have the opportunity to learn with on a daily basis. Above all else, it is the relationships we build with our students that drive our continued success.