Winona Area Public Schools offers exceptional educational opportunities for your child. The small neighborhood schools, like Madison, provide children with safe, familiar learning environments where children and their families can become a part of their close knit community.

Our Kindergarten program allows children to learn through hands on engaged learning. Using curriculum that is aligned with state standards, teachers guide children utilizing developmentally appropriate materials and activities. Children are introduced to many topics including reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and health. At Madison, regular kindergarten activity nights add a fantastic way for parents to connect to school.

During Kindergarten children play, learn and grow together. Children are actively engaged in learning activities that to them seem to be only play. They also spend time making friends and developing social skills that they will use their entire life.

Kindergarten in WAPS is an investment in your child's future because WAPS offers a tremendous education for all learners. Student accomplishments from National Merit Scholars to art and music awards demonstrate the quality and strength of our programs.

Visit our great schools to learn more about the benefits for your child.

Mrs. Woodard and Mrs. Bocanegra
Madison Kindergarten Teachers

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