Making First Grade Reading Fun!
* Let your child pick the book!  
*Read dramatically to your child. Then switch roles and record his/her dramatic flair.
*Share a book. You read a sentence, then they read a sentence. Change your voice by whispering or reading with a low voice.
*Stop and take a look at the pictures.  Talk about the pictures before moving on.  
*Check out the local library for not only paper books, but audiobooks too!!! 
*Have your child dictate a story as you type it. Then let him/her illustrate it. He/she will read it to anyone.
*Start a parent/child book that combines reading with recreation.
*Create a space in your home just for reading, that is quiet, comfy, and has limited distractions.  
*Try to read every day.  It doesn't matter if the child is reading, you are reading to the child, or you are listening to a book.  Literacy develops in all of these! 
***Have fun and enjoy your time together reading***

Señora Siemback

Winona Area Public Schools
Feel free to click on this link to see the goals and skills for first grade.

Mrs. Van Cleave